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Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

‘Honouring the sacred medicine of cacao in a space of love. A deep dive into the heart, unfolding our aliveness.’

Op 27 september 2021 om 19:30 uur aan de Bergseweg 28 te Vreeland.

Deze workshop zal in het Engels en Nederlands worden gehouden. Je kunt je aanmelden door een e-mail te sturen naar De kosten voor deze avond bedragen € 35,-. 

Let’s meet in this safe and sacred space for a deep encounter with yourself. An opportunity to take time for your inner clarity. To appease your mind and let your heart resonate with the gifts cacao offers when setting intentions in togetherness.

Pure presence in the magic of the sacred medicine and space brings forth deep transformation, healing and self-realisation. Experiencing cacao as a beautiful guide towards your essence and your heart wisdom.

Let us open the room to listen to the words that we can hear when becoming truly silent. Offering yourself the gift of activated love manifestation.

We will flow through enjoying sacred cacao, some soft yin poses, sharings, meditation & visualisation, moments of silence and music. Held by the gentle embrace of Mother Cacao, held in love.

Background information

Honouring and celebrating cacao as a sacred drink is an ancient tradition, originating from the Mayans in Mesoamerica.

In the mayan cosmovision, cacao plays a fundamental role : opening pathways to the divine realms, allowing connection to elements and subtle forces. As “food of the gods” cacao enjoyed high value and significance for thousands of years. It was a sign of wealth, power, abundance and fertility.

Honored in rituals, offered to the gods in ceremonies, feasts, burials and sacrifices.

The pure cacao ceremony has been reintroduced in its contemporary and multicultural form not so long ago . As this spirit plant is coming back to support the shift of humanity into the heart space.

Cacao is a seed that stimulates the physical and energetic heart space, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood circulation yet also raising energetical heart frequency through its psychoactive effects.

Rich in neurotransmitters like theobromine, andamine and tryptamine, the stimulant effects of cacao are various. From being a soft, durable energizer to an enhancer for happiness, pleasure and motivation.

Cacao is a true superfood being highly nutritious containing various minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats.

Text & photos @Britta Waechter

'Cacao is the consciousness of love' Walter Quiacain, Mayan Wisdom Keeper

A treat for heart, body & mind